Ali France for Dickson

Ali France is the next federal election Labor candidate for Dickson. She is a disability advocate, a former journalist and a mum of two boys. Ali has lived on Brisbane’s northside for over a decade and has been working for a palliative care charity. Ali lost her leg in a car accident in 2011, but she went on to represent Australia in the sport of outrigger canoeing and win gold for our country. She is also the Convenor of Labor Enabled in Queensland and has campaigned strongly for the recognition of issues experienced by disabled women within the wider women’s rights movement. Ali knows people in the electorate of Dickson are struggling with out of pocket health costs. She has spent many years in and out of hospital and in doctor’s surgeries. Ali knows cuts to our public hospitals and health services will impact on patient care - so instead of giving billions of dollars in tax handouts for banks, she wants to see investment in our hospitals, schools and TAFE. She has the strength and determination to stand up and fight for the people of Dickson. 

"We need more people in parliament with experiences like mine and the people of Dickson deserve a local member who will listen, who understands where they are coming from, and who will put them first."

Ali is being mentored by Senator Claire Moore.